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Kaiumari has spent years studying with 3 medicine lineages / and one Mongolian - shamanic  lineage and was a member of Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc under Pastel Mirales.  She became a pipe carrier and spent 2 years formally, only studying sweat Lodge Protocol under Apache Roadsman / Medicine Person Mark Montijo in the good old days of direct apprenticeship.  Kaiumari was also in a musical group that played benefits for Big Mountain Arizona alongside the late "Floyd Red Crow Westerman," as well as known activists like "John Trudel, and Jesse Ed Davis."  She also has played many benefits for the indigenous people of El Salvador and Nicaragua.  She has lived with and assisted Grupo Chaarip, a family of Amazonian Shuar Shamans with writing projects to preserve the Rain-forest.

Kaiumari  has been a direct Apprentice of Taoist Master Sifu Ching Fung Dao Shr  for 7 years and facilitates the practices from the lineage of Wudang Cha Shing Mountain Taoists.  She also has been working with Sacred Sound for 20 + years

Kaiumari was originally gifted a spontaneous form of movement meditation that came to her after attending a traditional indigenous "ghost dance" in 1992.  She had already been working with her own form of sacred sound for a year or so before this, one that was completely complementary to this movement meditation.  She plunged into her own in depth internal study of these mysteries,  and her own moon cycle following a spontaneous Kundalini awakening,  spending many years developing a relationship to this work in private.  Then she encountered  Tibetan Buddhist Master Yuan Miao who told her that she was "cut from the same cloth" as herself when they discussed this spontaneous movement mediation and Kaiumari's sacred sound work, and indicated that her spontaneous movement mediation was a high Tibetan Buddhist practice that was secret. 
When Kaiumari met Ching Fung Dao Shr eleven years later, she realized that his form was one of the forms she had been developing on her own for years. 

Kaiumari has also studied Total Body Modification and apprenticed with a world renowned energy master for over 8 years, serving as his medical intuitive.  She has also studied with Sifu Jenny Lamb, Tibetan Master Geshe Gyeltsen, Taoist master and Kahuna, Shen Ballesteros; is a level 3 Matrix Energetics Graduate, and a practitioner of realized master B. Prior's "Form" practice.

Some of Kaiumari's Other Teachers   (see photo page)   link
        Sifu Jenny Lamb, Internal Martial Arts, and Qi Gong and Realized Master
Ven. Geshula Tsultim Gyeltsen, Tibetan Gelugpa Master          link     link
        Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc,  Pastel Mirales, Dance Chief and healer
        Yaun Miao, Tibetan Buddhist Master.
        Ramanand Patel, Senior Teacher for B.K.S. Iyengar                 link
        T. Shen Ballesteros, Taoist Priest, martial arts master, Huna;  Hawaii
        Warren Barigian, Vocal Bio Matrix founder
        Realized Master Kan San, from our Taoist Arts lineage
Apache Pipe Carier and Roadsman, Mark Montijo
        Richard Bartlett, Founder of Matrix Energetics  link
Victor Frank, Total Body Modification              link
        Dr. Daniel Reeves, D.C,, N.D., PHD. 


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