Medicine People and Shaman from all over the world have a Sacred Relationship with Teacher Herbs and Plants that has been passed down orally and experientially for generations.  In these modern times, there is a limited knowledge and understanding of proper relationship and use of these sacred plantsBecause of this fact, people who use or attempt to use these plants get limited benefit from them or sometimes no benefit at all.  This experiential workshop will help the participant to both understand and encounter these herbs and plants from a reverent medicine / shamanic perspective, so that the attendee can begin to pursue a time tested, lineages supported, sacred relationship with these members of the plant kingdom.

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 A Workshop given by Kaiumari

the Dream Catcher
"Shamanic" Drumming from Mongolain Lineage
Moon Time

Medicine Wheel

Left:  Hands of Indonesian Shaman, Sumatra 2008

Above:  Hupa Female Medicine Woman (1923)


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