The term Shaman, what does it actually mean, how is it used by others?

First of all, the term Shaman is a Mongolian word, and comes from that culture.  It is not Native American, nor Nahuatl.  Many people use this term and do not know what they are really referring to.  Since my lineage is from Guadalajara, technically the term there is not Shaman, however, because this term is so prevalently used in society, this term is used similarly on the website.  All and all, the term applies to any lineage person who is actually an intermediary.  Shamanism is passed down though lineage.  My Grandmother from my father's side was a Medicine Woman, and the lineage was passed down to me.  Being a practitioner of shamanic work does not necessarily make you a shaman.  Most people who practice "shamanic" practices are not shamans.

Here is a general definition of the term.  Some of this article applies and some of it I may disagree with.  When I have time, I will write my own article here for you for clarification.           


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