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Click on the Presentations PDF below for a synopsis of our therepeutic / and musical classes and workshops

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Celebrating a young woman's first Moon Time / Transition into Womanhood.  This ceremony ushers a young woman into her cycle, and acknowledges and establishes her presence as Sacred.  Here we also work with the Mother / Father or Elder in the young woman's life to bless her transition and Awaken her to her nature.  Special tailored sharings are provided for each young woman according to her specific interests / traditions / and parents wishes.  Further we meet with the Elders first to share insight and create a cohesive whole.  Kaiumari has 25 years experience honoring MoonTime, & has been blessed with many teachings and insights.   Link


In this workshop the participant will be introduced to a medicine ways perspective on what is commonly known as the Dream Catcher.  In this Workshop, we will share the telling of the Dream Catcher and the medicine ways interpretation based from a lineage perspective.  This workshop will illustrate for the  participant the relationship between physical reality and the unseen world.

Then learn how to make your own dream catcher from a lineage, way, honoring the celestial bodies and timings.  Hear the instructions on how to use actual branches and original authentic materials that you can gather at a later date.

Lastly, each person will make a dream catcher prototype to facilitate and later construct his or her own personal "Catcher" with a proper understanding and their model to guide them.

Due to the requirements of this process: If there is enough interest, we can have a formal authentic medicine ways "Dream Catcher" class that will be 3 classes, (1 per month) to properly create a personal Dream Catcher.  This class will have a prerequisite of an introductory class like the one above.


Every indigenous culture that has medicine ways incorporates the drum.  There are many kinds of drums, each for a different purpose:  one sided, two sided, the pow wow drum, etc.   Most all Drums in indigenous cultures are given a place of honor and hold special significance In this workshop, multiple perspectives will be shared and demonstrated.  Further we shall discuss the reasons why scientifically "Shamanic" Drumming facilitates healing and journey work.   You will take with you an understanding of how drumming can /will affect both the physical body and your spiritual development in a way that is rarely shared or commonly known.  

Please bring any drums that you may have at home.  Drums however, are not necessary for this workshop.  (Note: In addition to Esteban's Indigenous Pure'pechan  Lineage, he has additionally apprenticed with a Mongolian "Shaman for 20 years" and has earned the right to transmit these teachings).

We can offer a drum making workshop if there is enough interest.


Offered as both a Woman's or Coed Class

Moon Time is a very misunderstood subject.  Seldom discussed, it is a mirror of Cycle of Life.  In this workshop we will approach this sacred time from a indigenous lineage / and an internal perspective.  Kaiumari has spent 20 years in observance of this cycle, as well as has received teachings from various indigenous lineages.  Esteban was instructed about these ways through a handing down from the lineage of Grandmother Naomi of the Southern Ute Nation and directly from Correy Evanson, Sun Dance, Pipe Carrier, and Sweat Lodge Leader of the Southern Ute Nation.

In this workshop Kaiumari will be exploring the significance of the Moon Cycle, and right relationship between Man and Woman at this time. 


The Medicine Wheel is in fact a physical expression, and a microcosmic model of the world.  Many cultures incorporate the archetype of the medicine wheel in the fabric of their lives for different purposes.  In this workshop we will explore the Medicine wheel symbolism, it's intentions, it's sacred geometry, and it's uses in traditional culture. 

We will construct a live Medicine Wheel of significance at this event.  All will participate.


A Lineage Shaman's Perspective on Sacred Herbs and Plants

Please see the "Purification Workshop" and "Events" Page for Details


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Please Take Note:  All our Classes are Orally transmitted according to protocol.  It is our wish that you understand that all wisdom takes time, honoring and proper dedication to actually embody let alone teach.  Esteban and Kaiumari both have 20 years + experience.  We expect that you will honor the teachings and refrain from teaching / sharing them before your time and without permission
unless otherwise stated.
In Depth Study is available to those of integrity, heart and dedication.

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